About Us

Who We Are

  • We are the construction branch of Halo Homebuyers L.L.C., a company that acquires distressed residential real estate. Halo Redevelopment consists of teams of in-house projects managers and contractors that work together to execute the redevelopment of our inventory of project homes.
  • We provide services and homes to both investors and retail buyers.
  • We are an organization centered around bringing a high standard of quality and value to our projects, service offerings, and clients.
  • We are a Christian organization. We aim to conduct ourselves morally and ethically in all our business endeavors.

Who We Serve

  • Home buyers who want to purchase a newer, renovated home.
  • Home buyers who are looking to purchase fixer uppers, but may not have the knowledge or resources to execute the renovation or acquire discounted properties.
  • Real estate investors and developers who are looking for their next project.
  • Investors who are interested in passively investing in a safe and secure real estate redevelopment project.

Our Mission

  • To do our best to deliver high quality renovated homes to our retail clients and increasing value to local communities via our philosophy of the three R’s.
  • To provide a high level of service and transparency to our real estate buyers and investor partners.
  • Reinvesting our resources into distressed homes, to renovate and reinvent, for the purpose of reshaping and improving local communities both aesthetically and economically. 

Our Values

  • Our beliefs and values are rooted in our deep faith and love in Jesus Christ whom which we strive to emulate in our business endeavors and communications with our customers. Those customers include everybody we interact with on a professional and personal level.
  • Community and giving back is very important to us, and our goal is to be able to tithe and give back 10% of our profits to credible charities and local churches.