Our Service Offerings

Halo services for buyers.

  1. Fully Renovated and Turn-Key Homes – Simply, we provide totally upgraded and redeveloped homes to prospective buyers. Many times our homes go to market because we are confident we’ve done the right job to receive quick offers. Many of the clients that choose our homes can see the level of quality and finishes and know instantly that they have to move quickly. Usually these folks don’t know they are choosing Halo Redevelopment, but soon find out about us.
  2. Pre-Construction – We offer the opportunity for buyers to contract on our projects before they’re finished, so that they can choose upgrades and finishes to the home. This option is ideal for somebody that wants a renovated home specific to their taste and preferences.
  3. Handyman Buyers – We work with prospective buyers that want to purchase a fixer upper for themselves so they can capture sweat equity in their property while getting a home of their own. We can provide projects below fair-market value to these individuals.

Why Choose Halo For Your Next Home or Investment?

How we go above and beyond with your next home.

  1. We have a “behind the walls” standard checklist that we require our contractors to perform before sheetrock goes up.  This ensures that our prospective buyers do not have to worry about items that are unseen “behind the walls” of their renovated home.
  2. At the closing, we give our buyers the tools needed to ensure a smooth transition into home ownership. This includes:
    • Package including kitchen appliance directions and warranties, new product guides/instructions/warranties on anything we purchased new for the home.
    • Google Photo Album of the home during the construction process.  This will show the work that was done behind the walls as well as equip our home buyers with important location information of electrical wiring, plumbing, etc for future reference.
    • Google Photo Album of professional pictures taken of completed project
    • PDF list of our sub-contractors names and phone numbers for future servicing and maintenance.
    • Paint colors for future reference
    • One-year warranty on the home for any unforeseen problems. We are confident in our work, but we want to make sure our buyers are covered just in case.
  3. Extra materials (paint, tile, flooring) are generally left at the house for convenience of new homeowner.

Why Halo for your next investment. 

  1. After years of structuring a variety of real estate investment transactions, we are versed with multiple exit strategy tools that help to maximize return on investment and time.  You can be sure that our knowledge and detailed level of due-diligence will present whether a house is or isn’t a viable investment opportunity.
  2. Our niche and expertise lies in the redevelopment and resale side of the business. This means we understand what our clients needs are and what they require, because generally we require the same.
  3. You won’t be competing for the same deals as everyone else, and you can ensure that the deal will be clean before closing.


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